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Food Program

I follow the federal food program regulations and the

program that I have chosen is:


                        PROVIDERS CHOICE


  • Children’s hands will be washed before & after meals.
  • They don’t have to take everything that is offered.
  • Children do not have to finish their food, but will be offered a well-balanced meal.
  • If a child does not want to eat, he does not have to, but once mealtime is over, he/she will have to wait until the next snack or meal is served.
  • Children may have something to drink whenever they wish during the day.  Water is encouraged thought the whole day.
  • We review with the children what foods are served & what food groups they belong to.  Snacks & treats may be brought from home for special occasions. They may be home made.  J
  • We do provide one type of powdered formula.  Should you care to provide a different type of liquid formula, this will be at your own expense according to the food program regulations.
  • We are members of Provider’s Choice, Inc Blooming, MN.  We are reimbursed by the federal government for up to 3 meals per day for your child.
  • Special diet plan services are available upon recommendation by a doctor & approval by the food program.
  • An infant bottles/supplies need to be marked with the child’s name.  All supplies are the financial responsibility of the parent/guardian.  Extra supplies may be stored here for everyone’s convenience.
  • If there are any concerns or allergies that your child may have, they must be written down on the comment sheet that is provided.


The Formula that Sturgeon Lake Clubhouse provides is the Parent Choice brand. If a parent declines the infant formula that we offer – parents must fill out a parent supplied formula form.  A copy of this form must be on file in the PCI office.


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